What do you see when you go on hikes?  Do you go out looking for something or are you just looking to savor the fresh air and absorb the fleeting moments for what they are as a whole and nothing more….with no expectations and no tangible takeaways?  


I wish it could be that simple some days, but for some reason no matter where I go, whatever I do….I SEE things. Ideas and inspiration truly are everywhere and I always have this urgent (on the verge of obsessive) need to capture it in some way.  To either jot the idea down, to take a picture, to archive it, to elaborate on it…to DO something with it. 

Am I missing the whole Zen-‘ness’ of taking a nature hike by zeroing in on all the ‘active’ possibilities…….OR am I meant to be seeing these things and in turn doing something with what I saw?  Heck, I don’t know…but I have to admit I do always feel a bit more satisfied with how time was spent when I actually walk away with captured ideas in some shape or fashion.  There’s a sense of fullness.

My most recent hike had me zeroed in on the beautiful birch trees, and here’s what I saw and captured.  Who knows what I’ll do with it, but I do feel better for having gotten it…!?

  • these knots resemble ‘eyes’…and there’s even something eerie that could play well for Halloween or just be simple inspiration for a painting or piece of artwork.

  • I was engrossed with how well preserved everyone’s handiwork was.  We creative types are always searching for the most durable art medium that will hold up to the elements and well…..here are simple, primitive markings that are growing with the tree, standing the test of time, details preserved, and I would venture to guess….getting better with age.

  • I see an amazing line of rustic furniture and home decor opportunities

  • Who are all these people?  What do they look like?  What were they doing there? What’s their story?

  • I loved the natural ‘striping’…the colors, the texture.

  • And to the edge of one of the trails…a naturally beautiful chair. 

So, I may have missed out on the whole relaxing intent of the hike…or is it that maybe we just relax in different ways…because to tell you the truth it was these images that truly invigorated me.

Cheers I guess…to open eyes and minds!


  1. Jen K. says:

    I’m a little late replying to this post, but that is exactly what I do when I’m on a hike. I’m a nature lover with a very active mind for creativity myself, and I tend to get off the marked paths and get down on the ground and explore my surroundings. As an avid nature photographer as well, I’m known for taking close ups of the simplest things, unusual leaf patterns, bugs, fungi, flowers…so I love those “eye” trees. Also, I tend to collect “samples” so currently my fall decor consists of acorns and buckeyes and leaves all found in nature for free! So you are definitely not alone. Actually, I think you are my long lost sister I never had :)

  2. Gisela says:

    Since I just retired I was able to take walks down new trails and I have a mason jar of leaves, berries (so many varieties), acorns. I have a nice project for acorns.
    I think we are neighbors
    ga447 Omaha, NE

  3. Ken Kincaid says:

    Where can I find the information on the Dirty Dozen and other subjects. Down here in East Texas it is hard to get honest information

  4. Raeanna says:

    You are definately meant to see all of the amazing possibilities and ideas that you come up with. I try so hard to see past an items original purpose and reimagine it. I very much want to be creative and able to do ANYTHING like you. I enjoy browsing creative blogs and have always loved B. Original and pretty much every project you’ve done. I’m “training” myself to see things for what they can be and I know I’m getting better at it! I just want you to know that you are the most inspiring woman out there. Thank you and keep up the awesome work!!!!!!

  5. Peggy Thomas says:

    Thank you so much for sharing as you took what sounds like an incredible walk in nature. It is great to hear that someone else is out there who can invision what could be—-. Too many times I have shared an idea only to have the person say “you can see what?” or “who would want to so that?”.
    I finally understand why my craft area is filled with “could be’s”; by the time I can work on one project my mind has sifted onto the next wonderful find. I look forward to reading more of your material and anxiouly await the next creative vision.

    What if,
    Peggy Thomas

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