A funny one for the heels of Chad’s last posting.  In the midst of trying to finish off his backyard (in a flurry) to be ready for his daughter’s first birthday party (great bash, by the way), he filled up Jon’s truck with a big pile of junk that he didn’t want to deal with anymore and told us to burn it.  We all do it.  You have something big happening and everything needs to be cleaned up and looking sharp.  Those piles of treasures “you’re someday going to do something with” become overwhelming eyesores you don’t want to deal with anymore so you just start pitching things to be done with it all. 

Well, Junie B. thanks him for his discards because instead of burning it, we got to looking at it all and saw that we could use this ‘junk pile’ to build Junie B. a doghouse.  We got a good jump on it over the weekend and it’s turning out pretty sweet.   Top loft is going to be partitioned off so there’s a room for the cats on each side up above that they can jump into (very clever idea brother-in-law Tom!) and down below, Junie and Lulu can hang out.  The roof and walls still need to go on and a bit of fun ‘decorating’…..will share a shot when we get it completed.   And to think of all the great building materials that get tossed or burned each and every day around the country!

BUT, guess who now has a pile of leftovers in THEIR yard?!  It’s a vicious cycle.

Cheers to making do!


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