It’s maddening to think about the amount of homework, research and fact finding we really need to do to insure that the products we are purchasing REALLY are organic, wholesome, pure, natural, etc.   I recently received THIS INFORMATION FROM THE ORGANIC CONSUMERS ASSOCIATION .   click to read

It was this little bundle in the body of the e-mail that initially caught my attention:

Top 10 reasons to use Organic Body Care and Cosmetics:

Non-Organic Body Care and Cosmetics….

10. Fuel oil addition

9. Spawn Super Weeds

8. Unleash Biocides

7. Contaminate Water

6. Make us Fat

5. Speed up Puberty

4. Increase Infertility

3. Cause Birth Defects

2. Give Us Cancer

1. Aren’t Regulated.

…..and then after I glanced over everything and read through their newsletter, it got me thinking about all of the different products that we can just simply create ourselves…….that way we know exactly what we’re getting and I don’t have to worry about all this mind-boggling stuff.

But at the same time, that’s not always practical for everyone all of the time….so when we do go to buy something that is labeled as ‘organic’…it would be nice to be able to ‘trust’ in that, right?  I know that I’ve purchased some of the products that are on the ‘watch’ list and will admit that I was disappointed to see them there.  I’d be curious to read what their side to all this is.   (it is always interesting to hear the different perspectives and spins)

With food, it’s simpler to decipher.  With these types of products, it takes a chemistry degree to really get the whole picture and to understand what exactly is going into these products, where they come from, what’s really harmful, etc.  (and I’m not ashamed to admit that I had to look up ‘Biocide’ and I’m not gonna lie…not 100% clear on #9…the spawning of super weeds…is that because they’re using genetically modified ‘ingredients’? Do I really need to know all this in order to buy a ‘naturally good’ tube of toothpaste or bottle of shampoo?)

If anything, I guess, it simplifies what we do buy…we do the research once…find products that are made with simple, wholesome ingredients we can trust and stick with them.  Maybe it keeps us from overconsuming and jumping around from one thing to another…..

Can I ask……What are some of the cosmetic/body care products that you trust and are loyal to?

Cheers to what you can truly trust!


  1. Jeanie Stebbins says:

    The products I have come to love are by the company Burt’s Bees. Their products are more than 95% natural. They are trustworthy, I feel anyway. I go by the saying “if you don’t know how to pronounce the ingredient or know what it is, then don’t buy the product.” We need to understand that the chemicals that we are putting on us and in us are what causes all of the help problems. For instance if you are not using chemical ladened lotion, the sun won’t be damaging. Yes, it will cause aging but the cancers come from the chemicals reacting to the sun on our bodies. Other nations don’t have the skin cancer rate like the US because they are not using the chemicals like we do. Soaps, lotions, etcs and food chemicals are the problem. There are many natural and organic products out there, we just need to be wise with our choices.

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