• occurring or developing gradually and naturally, without being forced or contrived.
  • relating to, derived from, or characteristic of living things

Those are the definitions that ring through for me.  Other words that come to mind are wholesome, real, colorful, genuine, resourceful, mindful, imperfect, common sense, practical, vibrant…..

An organic lifestyle for me is one that I like to say is naturally imperfect, yet practically green every step of the way.  I too am learning, exploring and growing and I still get excited about the littlest, most basic of things.   Every show we put together is a learning experience, even if it’s about something I’ve been doing for years or done a million times over again.  There’s always more to learn and I love that.   Our new season kicks off this weekend and it’s full of interesting people and ideas that celebrate nature and wholesome, creative living in a LOT of different ways.  An organic lifestyle isn’t anything new or profound.  Heck, our grandparents and those before them were living this kind of lifestyle forever, only it wasn’t labeled that or recognized as such.  I think we just kind of got away from some of the basics……and over the next several years, I strongly believe we’re going to see an incredible shift in the other direction…a shift that also includes a bit of a modernized spin on some of those basics.  

Nature, in my book, is at the root of everything, and talking, sharing, creating, and exploring has always been my nature…..among other things:

  • I’m just an everyday gal that has more ideas than time.  
  • I’m inspired by interesting, authentic people who simply do what they do not for the sake of being recognized but because that’s naturally who they are and that’s naturally what they do. And then I like to recognize the heck out of them!
  • I’m not looking to be part of a ‘scene’ or a ‘trend’ and am not an embracer of ‘labels’.  I am simply a ‘do-er’.  A do-er who wants to be sustainable, independent, healthy and vibrant.  
  • I love to be taught and I love to teach.  
  • I have all these things I want to learn and do RIGHT NOW, but real life always steps in and reminds me that I have to do what I can, as I can.
  • I would love to play out my practical, modern day approach to living off the land and see what transpires.
  • I think our health is one of our most valuable possessions and we need to be doing everything we can every day to take care of it.
  • I love to create things and am guilty of never wanting to do what everyone else is doing.  
  • I look at mistakes and mishaps as opportunities. 
  • I am ridiculously curious and question everything.
  • I love pets and get a kick out of watching them interact.
  • I have always been fascinated with pictures of hard working hands and wise wrinkled faces.  These are true signs of beauty to me and I’m always disappointed that they’re not celebrated more.  
  • I LOVE to laugh and try to find the humor in even the crummiest of circumstances. 
  • Unfinished projects make me crazy.  Completion. Completion. Completion. Is a beautiful thing.  Yet, I’m currently surrounded by unfinished projects too numerous to count.
  • I look to nature for guidance and am getting more comfortable every day with being true to my own nature and creating and maintaining an environment that’s conducive to that.   
  • I try to avoid all things artificial, and yes, that sometimes includes people not just products.
  • I care deeply about doing the right thing by people and our environment, yet have no time for nonsense, politics, or small mindedness.  I would rather just do what needs to be done to get things done.  
  • I’m obstinate about the things I truly believe in and am passionate about, yet with the right influence and conversation can be flexible and open.
  • I believe in personal responsibility and accountability.   The only one I ever have to blame is myself, regardless.
  • I think life is ageless. 
  • I was raised to enjoy working hard and to earn what I need and want… to pay my dues, persay.  
  • I believe there are many ways to go about things. ANYTHING is possible.
  • I could totally live like a happy little hermit in the woods some days.  
  • I tend to disconnect from relationships that aren’t positive, honest and productive.   
  • I feel most alive on the days I get to do outdoor projects all day.  
  • I struggle every day with ‘staying true’ and what’s ‘being smart for business’. 
  • I find posed pictures awkward and uncomfortable.   Just grab something naturally and let’s move on.  
  • I’ve learned that playtime and vacations ARE important to do on a REGULAR basis, yet I’m still bad at taking them.
  • I love to work. 
  • I’m more in tune now than ever before to what I genuinely connect with and don’t waste time where it doesn’t work.  
  • I always question ‘rules’, and why they need to be followed….or, do they?
  • I’m an advocate for all things related to helping kids lead healthy, happy, positive, carefree lives. 
  • I feel oddly uncomfortable watching myself on tv or reading things that are written about me, so I don’t.  However, I do love DOING it.  The talking, the conversing, the capturing.  
  • I like a quiet life but not TOO quiet.
  • Substance over show.
  • I’m a follower of what drives me internally, not externally.
  • I know that every moment of every day is what I make of it.
  • I admire those who have executed a life of voluntary simplicity and have compiled quite a collection of books and stories on simple living, but personally have a LONG way to go. 
  • I run fast and far from all things toxic, negative, and cynical.
  • I love my family and am forever grateful that they are all able to play a part in what we do.
  • I tend to overthink things.
  • It takes me way to long to write e-mails, texts, blogs, replies, comments, etc….because I have to triple-check spelling, grammar and the written thoughts to make sure all is in check. It’s a maddening process of write, read, re-read, revise, re-read again…..
  • I want every show we produce to be a visual work of art that celebrates nature, people and creative ideas.  Shows that little by little are gnawing away at the ‘untapped’ that lies nestled here in the middle of the country. 

And with that….it is I who brings you borganic and a love for all things relative to nature and living an organic lifestyle each week. What you see is what you get. And what you get this week is the start of 13 brand new shows.  They begin airing this Saturday at noon here in Iowa and will then be made available to all of the other public television stations October 1. Catch it if you can!

What’s in your nature?! 


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