Our resourceful kitchen renovation has not only transformed the space but also the entire kitchen experience on a daily basis.  It’s a reminder to load up on ‘green’, prepare things as natural and as fresh as possible and to celebrate the control each and every one of us have over our nutrition.  To feed our bodies as well as our souls.  And somedays those two things require completely different fixes, and that’s ok.  

By making the choice to surround ourselves with living things…..live salad bowls, the built-in countertop growing center, the flats of wheatgrass, the clean-air plants, the sprouts……the feel good reminders are always there. They make it that much easier to embrace a healthier lifestyle.  Just observing and caring for the fresh greenery each day is uplifting.   It will encourage me to learn more ways to use what’s growing right in front of me, to experiment more.


It’s a genuine, deep down kind of feel good that the old space fell short on generating.  

Cheers to getting things ‘growing’ in your kitchen!


  1. Teofila Papelian says:

    Hey… I’m having a bit of problem with the way your site is displaying. For some reason the text block overlaps the edge. Is this just me or are others reporting the same thing? Just wanted to let you know in case you’ve been changing things recently. Thanks! Teofila Papelian

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