Last week, we polished up the concrete countertop and my first thoughts back are….”man, what a mess”!….(We had to improvise with a few equipment failures..all of us were taking turns holding the vacuum hose and the garden hose and moving canvases, taping things it was messier than normal, according to Brannen) but all in all, it was a very rewarding mess — because when the mess cleared, we were left with the most amazing surface.  It polished up beautifully.  All that was left was to seal it with an eco-friendly penetrating sealer and a few coats of wax. The broken looking edge really adds to the look…..would probably never do a square edge, actually.  It’s been an incredible project that I’d do time and time again. Just love the material and it’s been great fun to work with. 

We love it so much that we ended up switching gears and are also making it the surface for the island which was going to originally be a butcher block style surface.   We’re better prepared for the expected ‘mess’, and fixed a few of the equipment issues so second time around…..much tidier.

Will share better pics as a couple more things get put into place.   Everything is THIS close to completion……whoo! hoo!



  1. Kata says:

    Hi. I have been hiding for a while now on this site and finally wanted to get the courage up to say thanks to you. You’ve motivated me to start out my own blog. which I don’t have a confident if that will eventually work or not. Anyways..thanks for your sharing into this crazy blogging world!

  2. A'Lana says:

    I soooo want to do concrete countertops too… they look so great! I like the solid shiny look without worrying about bacteria getting into the grains of it.

  3. Sylvette says:

    Beautifull! I just discover that today. It’s funny because during the weekend, we were telling some friends that we would like concrete countertops when we’ll redo our kitchen. DIY of course…

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