We had SO MUCH FUN pouring a concrete countertop last week.  I obviously get very excited about DIY things and this was one that left me wanting to get right back in there and do it again and again, and again.   Brannen from Concrete Impressions was incredibly helpful and removed some of the mystery of doing a larger scale pour such as this.  The base preparation is what took the most time, but overall a relatively easy process that was very rewarding….(and it hasn’t even been polished up and sealed yet!) 

Tips that I took away….

pouring in place method is a tad messy to do inside the house, but a bit more foolproof for the home diy-er rather than trying to pour and finish something of this size offsite and then install.

important to make sure that any porous wood exposed in the frame was taped or covered in plastic so that it won’t absorb any of the moisture out of the mix.  We used melamine coated particle board for our form and duct tape to cover any routered edges where the slick surface was removed.  Bottom of form stays put and removable edges can be reused in future pours.

the corners of cutouts for the sinks and things are the most sensitive to cracks, so be sure to reinforce properly. We made sure to curve the rebar around those areas in addition to, of course, putting the re-bar/chicken wire reinforcement throughout.

lift up on the re-bar and reinforcements to insure the mix gets under and all around it.

can embed just about anything in it — I crushed up some green wine bottles and scattered the glass over the entire surface and then he troweled it in just below the surface

using a palm sander as your ‘vibrator’..

Brannen brought a rubber mold that we placed around the edges to give the ‘crete a broken limestone look…..way more exciting for the space than a straight edge.

And having a portable mixer out back was, yes….lovely….not a must, but so much easier than the hoe and wheelbarrow mixing method that I’ve been doing over the years.

We have about $50-$75 invested and of course the ‘time’….so a very economical material to work with, which of course makes the project even MORE exciting!

We’ll be polishing it up in a couple days…will share the finished look then! Excited to see the glass revealed.

Cheers to concrete and all its’ uses!


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