I’m sure at first glance you’re thinking this has to do with some sort of blah, blah about good eats, stocking your fridge with healthy, nutritious things or maybe even about storage containers….BUT nope, it’s an ‘in-depth’ ::) look at what’s ‘GROWING’ in your fridge?!  You know, the things that we may have let occupy our cold storage space a tad too long.

The guys just shared with me some of my forgotten, neglected ‘lunchables’ that were hangin’ out in our office fridge for I can’t tell you how long.  It made me laugh and I thought it would be fun to share because I’m fresh off another similar experience at home…and it had prompted all kinds of curious thoughts.

I had left some tomatoes sitting out in a pan that needed to go to the compost bin and when I removed the lid (a couple weeks later), there was this most amazing fungal jungle type of thing going on.   (I’m kicking myself for not snapping a picture of it) It was fascinating and beautiful in its’ own unique way.

As is what’s happening on this (Onion, I think).  Yet no two ‘growths’ are alike.  The stuff on the tomatoes was various shades of grays, lots of different textures and patterns…..

I wish I was more educated in this area.  I have all kinds of questions about what’s naturally occurring.

Look closely at all the different things that are ‘blooming’…

  • Could these blooms be indicators as to how long its’ been sitting in the fridge?
  • Could you tell what was underneath JUST by identifying what was growing and how it was growing?
  • Would I get sick if I ate it? (not that I would, but just curious).
  • What’s harmful, what’s not?
  • Any ‘fung-ologists’ out there that can identify what’s growing on here.

The guys weren’t quite as excited to discuss it with me….they found it to be more….I believe terrifying was their word….than fascinating or ‘beautiful’…What do you think?

And for those of you who don’t find this fungus inquiry the least bit interesting……I posted a fun project for your more naturally creative, hands-on side over on our sister site: www.couragetocreate.com

Cheers to looking at things a bit differently!


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