How about setting out a sweet treat for the birds this Valentine’s Day weekend?!  Fill your feeders, set out a feeder if you haven’t already, or create your own.  Birds need a high-energy diet to survive frigid temperatures and conditions.
If you’re savvy to the types of birds that you have in your yard, tailor your treats to their liking.

Important to remember that once you do start feeding the birds in your area especially in the colder regions, they will come to rely on your offerings, so if you start, make a commitment to continue until the snow clears and they can come by things more easily and naturally!  Also remember to position your feeders in safe, high places so they have a place to perch and so that they can snack in peace and not be in danger of the family or neighborhood cat while they snack! 

Cheers to our feathered friends…..they really stand out against the bare branches and the snowcovered ground.  


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