Whoo! Hoo!  The tiles are THIS close to getting laid.  The resourceful approach to renovating our kitchen continues and we’re in the midst of getting the floor finished off.  It looks like we’ll be using some reclaimed lumber that my dad had stored away under the house as well as a few of the pieces we had leftover, and we’re thinking we’ll need about 12 of the 8 foot boards to get enough slices to fill the space.  We’ve done several sample boards experimenting with patterns, woods, adhesives, sealers, which direction to run things, and anything else that could go into this application.  (As much as I like to just jump in and go — sample boards are always time well spent!) We’ve discovered some wonderful eco-friendly products to use for certain steps and talked with professionals who install this type of floor all across the country to try and get any additional insight or thoughts.  Those conversations boosted our enthusiasm for things even higher.

Creative visions of this reclaimed flooring concept have been dancing in my head for years and I initially thought I wanted all different kinds of woods, different sizes and a random pattern, maybe even a few log slices thrown in….but surprisingly, I’m leaning towards the simple, one size tile, one kind of wood, traditional cobblestone look. It maintains the flow from the other room, it keeps things looking spacious and won’t compete with all the other reclaimed projects that are going to be installed.   When you repurpose and work with what you have, you usually end up using a variety of different materials, so we have to be careful to not have TOO many different things going on or there will be a disconnect with it all and WAY too busy.   I just want the materials and the applications to speak for themselves and the end result to be simple and rustic.

SOOOOOO excited to see it all in place.  It’s been a fun process of prepping and I’m expecting the installation to be even more so.  It’s going to be one of the ‘warmest’ floors in the house….it’s incredibly economical…a resourceful use of reclaimed materials and a relatively simple process that anyone out there can grab on to…..LOTS of heart and soul going into this one.  

Cheers to trying something new while reusing something OLD!


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